To change your primary email address, you need to:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to Settings (gear icon in the upper right) > Email Addresses.
  3. Add your new address (Note: you can add as many additional email addresses here as you like).
  4. Check that email for the verification link and click the link in the message to verify.
  5. Return to Settings > Email Addresses. If you need to log in, make sure you use your old email address and password.
  6. Click Make Primary on the new email address.

That's it. You can delete the old email address if it's no longer valid or add additional emails (such as a Gmail address). Each verified email address will allow you to use it to log in and others can use the address to invite you to collaborate on loans, however only the primary email address can be used to reset your password, so be sure it is kept up to date.

If you follow these steps, but don't receive the verification message, check your spam folder. If it isn't there, you may need to have your IT department whitelist emails from addresses to ensure notifications are delivered.